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Why Victrix Life

Welcome to my website. I have worked really hard to give you, a prospective client, the best service and provide you with what you may be after.


VictrixLife was developed by me, Jacqui Steinmann I am an International Bikini Pro, I won my title in a prestigious international event in London in 2018. I have been avidly involved in the South African fitness community and also internationally. I have judged many fitness shows and competitions, and have been a sponsored athlete by Scientific Sports Nutrition and EHP labs.


I believe in a full turn key solution with regards to health, fitness and lifestyle management. I have developed online plans to suite specific needs and also to appeal to different budget requirements. All my plans are downloadable on a state of the art application, have a look at its features on my online app tab, I also offer fully customised plans along with personal training at Moove in Sunninghill.

I work alongside many professionals in their fields relating to the health and fitness industry, in order to bring you the best wholistic approach for you to achieve your goals.

I currently work with many different brands to give you the most credible and honest opinions with regards to health, supplementation, training and lifestyle management.



I truly am absolutely passionate about the fitness industry. Sport runs through my veins, and I have been a very competitive multi disciplined sports athlete throughout my life. I have also been a sports coach in various sports, at school and University level. I am a Psychology Graduate, Qualified chef and also have many qualifications in the fitness industry. I believe in Continous Professional Development, and continue to develop my skills by studying through local and international fitness institutions.

 By joining VictrixLife you can be assured to get the best result for your life, where the goal is longterm lifestyle change without being intimidated or overwhelmed.

Message With custom designed fitness and health plans you can start the journey to a better life.

Focus on you

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Well done on taking a stand for yourself and being prepared to focus on you. We want to help you in starting the process of change FOR LIFE.

Healthier Life

Your journey to becoming an accountable healthiest version of yourself starts here.

Customized health plan

We know that everyone is designed differently. We do our utmost to customise any training and nutrition plan to suite almost everyone.

Professional assistance

We follow a very objective and wholesome approach to fitness, health and well being. We have aligned ourselves with various professionals that are experts in their field to offer our clients the best possible service and guidance.

You Are 90 Days Away From transforming your mind, body, and habits!

3 months are more than enough to completely transform your mind, body and habits and go from absolute beginner to a savvy gym goer. 

I know, because I have have done it myself and also coached hundreds of beginners from all around the world.

This is like having a virtual realty trainier in your pocket.  

This may suite you because you cannot afford a personal trainer, you like your own head space at gym, you want to find your own groove.

But Here Is The Problem...

The fitness industry is full of scams and overpriced gimmicks that you don’t need. 

As a beginner you have no idea where to start and are bombarded with fad diets and complicated workouts.  

Doing the research and learning the fundamentals takes A LOT of time, research and thought. 

So, my job as a fitness coach is to help you navigate through the hype and lies and show you what actually works. 

Need a plan, need to get into a routine and out of your training rut.

Hence we have designer 3 Universal and appropriate training plans.

To suite your level of fitness:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

Plan can run for 12 weeks as beginner, intermediate or advanced. So progression is possible. 

These plans is SEMI Automated, and does not include a diet but an ebook that can be additionally bought outlining calories and what should be aimed for.

Dieting is flexible, teaching how to work out your calories, and by tracking calories. No stringent boring diet that repeats itself daily. But rather teaching you skills for LIFE.

I work closely with a food delivery system, to make your transition easier, and know you eating what you need to.

All you do is select 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 calorie pack based on your calculation of your daily calorie need, rather round down than up… Then “add” the list of foods to equate the extra foods and calories you need.

On my website you can “top up” with my recommended Supplements, which you can read about in my EBOOK.

Added benefit, you have ongoing support...

If you have any queries, we have a Direct Messaging system whereby one of our qualified and experienced Fitness consultants can assist you with any questions or concerns in a timorously manner.

We are available Central European time 7am- 17:00. 

Should you want one on one Skype conversation, with our senior fitness consultants. This is at an additional fee, and can be booked on our website.