Jacqui Steinmann is absolutely passionate about the fitness industry. She has been a very competitive multi  disciplined sports athlete throughout her life. She has also been a sports coach in various sports, at school and University level. She is a Psychology Graduate, Qualified chef and now I am avidly involved in the fitness industry locally and internationally.

Jacqui Steinmann

I have been a therapist for just over 11 years now working with every kind of athlete and office worker around. I studied in the UK before returning to South Africa. This year I got back into my favorite sport body building and physiques. I have had incredible results with the lymph drainage and myo facial release on these athletes. Especially in prep for a competition where they need to drop water etc. In general I have had good success with my style of work. I am a Tecar therapist using Tplus machine.


watch this space 100%