Customised custom plans will be set up after initial consultation via Skype, or in person.

Very little is left to chance and is well calculated and planned out.
Feed back fro Jax, 3 times a week at least, in response to your proactive updates.
24 hour turn around time.
Your coach will monitor your weekly progress and make any necessary adjustments to your customised program.
Unlimited contact between you and your coach.
The plan you wlll be on effectively runs for 12 weeks, and will have three mesocycles of training with it.
We encourage all clients to go for a fitness assessment, if in Johannesburg South Africa, we highly recommend Leonie Bosch who follows a very stringent protocol that we designed.
This way, you know where you “stand” from a fitness point of view as we assess, flexibility, body fat using callipers,centimeters etc. And then when you go every 6 weeks for a follow up, you can see return on your investment into your new “Fit” life.
If you are not sure of what plan to choose, contact us.

contact us for customised plans