The ONLINE coaching rate is R2000 per month. 
That is a MONTH TO MONTH package. 
This is great for people who need a quick fix, or are training towards something specific like a wedding, reunion etc.
CUSTOMIZED ONLINE Coaching includes: 
CUSTOM designed training program, based specifically on your goals, injuries etc. 
Daily checkins.
Fully PERSONALIZED nutrition plan, including a MACRO break down per meal.
Supplement protocols designed based on your goals going forward, 
Jax will be PERSONALLY AVAILABLE TO keep a close eye on your training and body through the app too as it requires you to track your workouts in an easy to use template (all you need to do is enter the amount of reps and what weight you used per exercise.). 
The app also allows you to add completely private photo updates for Jax as your coach to monitor your progress.
Immediate changes to the plan should you go away/ travel/ need to change training days around etc.
Every single exercise has a video attached showing you HOW to CORRECTLY complete the exercise.
Jax also like to see my clients at least twice a month to check in, on Skype/ WhatsApp video call etc. 
You have access to Jax PERSONAL mobile number available when needed in business hours.
Ongoing support, with a hands on approach.
The NON CUSTOMIZED Coaching Includes:
it Is a generic plan that is carefully created taking into account, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced gym goers.
This plan is R600.00 a month or per 4 week plan at your chosen start date… Which is effectively R150.00 a week. 
If this is something you are interested in, the plans run for 4 weeks, and you can progress accordingly based on your level.  There are 3, 4 week beginner plans, the same for intermediate and advanced.
This way training changes every four weeks, which allows your body to progressively overload with improvements and also to make sure your joints and ligaments are prepared to progress at an adequate rate.
We suggest everyone starts with beginner UNLESS you have been a constant gym goer for MORE than 6 months.
This will prevent you from injury and make sure your body is responding appropriately to exercise.
You still have access to a state of the art application.
Daily Checkins.
Carefully designed GENERIC workout calendar. Which includes training Monday- Friday. No adjustments are made to the calendar. You need to manage your time and start with building Habits and to take accountability.
You have a direct messenger support system on the platform available in business hours (Central European time).
It does NOT include a customised diet, but a macro goal you can aim to reach daily that you take onus of, and what your goals are.

What we suggest?

If you are a person that seriously needs someone to be accountable to, training, the gym and nutrition is something you are completely unfamiliar with and what to be guided and learn skills for life from me, then I suggest investing in the CUSTOMIZED training plan for ATLEAST 1-2 months.
From this, MOST people will develop the tools they need to continue a healthy balanced life, and checkins with us every so often.
For people who really want to take themselves seriously and make changes that are impactful, for life.
The Customised plans are also great for serious athletes/ competitors that need someone to think ahead for them and to focus on the small details that you wouldn’t have time for.
For customised plans, Jax acts as a“personal” virtual reality trainer and is available to assist you in business hours on her PERSONAL mobile number.
Jax only take on a limited amount of CUSTOMIZED online training plan clients, as she likes to have a work ethic and develop a relationship with each individual.
The NON CUSTOMIZED plan is great for people who just need some kind of plan to follow at the gym and a way in which to learn how to do exercises and a way to structure a workout calendar.
Budget may be an issue.
You would perhaps like to “try out” an online plan to see if it works for you before any serious commitments.
You travel alot and need some “plan” to follow.
We are available remotely for serious issues.
It is also great for people who don’t like to be micro managed and can take accountability for themselves. Who are happy to progress slowly and to learn the ropes in a less restrictive way.
WE would love to have you on OUR team.