Jax and her team are based at Moove Motion Fitness club. They train clients from this facility and have limited personal training availability and Group training classes staggered through the week and day.
If this is something you are interested in, please contact us for more information.
We also work very well on a referral basis and can align you with the right Trainer to suite you and what you would like to achieve.
To note that EVERY Personal Training Client has immediate access to a Fully Customised Online Training plan that works hand in hand with the personal training sessions.
Moove Motion Fitness club is a world class facility. We are based at the Sunninghlll branch.
And you can earn points with:
Discovery Vitality
Momentum multiply
Sanlam Realty
By joining us you can save up to R975.00 BY PAYING zero JOINING FEE.
Contact us and we can help!
1. One on one coaching via video call, contact jax and a time will be arranged for one on one training, at a time suitable to you based on schedules. A discussion on your fitness level and equipment you have prior to commencement of session. Option to have a group or couples, pion the session, the more people there are the rate per person goes down. Jax will attempt to help everyone with different fitness levels. Training is priced on 30 minute sessions. Intensity and length of time agreed upon based on needs and fitness levels.

2. Set day training times, you can join, watch Jax social media page for information on this. 

3. One on one consults via phone call or video call, to iron out any questions or advice you may need ranging from supplementation to training. Consults are once off and the fee is for 45min or less. Contact us here for pricing.
4.  Packages that include a supplementation and an eating plan.