Terms and conditions
Scheduling is based on the availability of a trainer and their viable and available daily and weekly slots.
For all training, a phone call or in person meeting is essential in order for your trainer to deduce your needs and goals so they can plan your training plan appropriately.
For virtual training will be done via Zoom, available equipment will be needed to be known by your trainer so they can be prepared with your workout and schedule invite for virtual training session.
Cancellations done within 4 hours will be forfeirted.
Cancellations done after 4 hours will be attempted to be made up in available slots in the week.
For in person training, a membership at Moove is required and the membership will depend on medical aid and required access times.
To commence training its highly recommended you have a full medical and or set up a consult with our in house Chiro who does a full body assessment, centimetres, body fat calliper readings, muscle endurance, blood pressure, Heart rate etc.
These results are kept confidential, and are used by your trainer to train you appropriately.
Payment needs to be done in full before the sessions are prescribed.
Training is at your own risk and any injuries resulting will not be held against the trainer in any way, shape or form.
The sessions are only valid for 8 weeks or 2 months from date of purchase. They will expire after 2 months.
Cannot be exchanged for cash.


Power Half Hour


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